No! Sparta is SUPER old and he just got started. You are never too old to try CrossFit. My own mother does CrossFit…. just not here.
I think you just named three reasons why you would benefit from CrossFit! Progress comes in small steps - most people don’t join CrossFit when they are in their prime - they are looking for a new way to get in shape and TakeBack their health. As you get healthier you will find your energy will increase and you will make the time to make your health a priority.
Join the club! Many of us can’t do pull-ups or pushups yet (the keyword here is “yet”)… so we modify the movement. For example, we can do “ring rows” or pull-ups using bands to give us a “boost” until we build the muscles and coordination to get the pull-up.
Right now we are not requiring members to sign up for classes. As our class sizes grow, it is something that we may need our members to do in order to keep our class sizes manageable.
That’s tricky. Buddha is fond of saying “CrossFit was designed to be three days on and one day off” but see how your body feels. Some days you may need to push through the soreness and keep going, other days you may just need a day of “active recovery” (I know that is an oxymoron but that’s code for “stretch/run/light workout”) or even a full day of “leave me alone today”.
CrossFit TakeBack was approximately 57th on our list and the first one that was approved by CrossFit. CrossFit Fuel, Fury, Power, Mayhem, etc. were already taken. However, we LOVE our name - we both came across CrossFit when we were looking to TakeBack our health and find motivation to get in shape long term.
Ahhhh… these are all CrossFit abbreviations. They take a little time to get used to. Your coach or any other member will help you decode these meanings when you see them on the board.
There’s a fun saying: “Six pack abs are made in the kitchen”. In other words, it’s hard to say. It depends on your diet, how much work you are putting in and what your goals are. Weight is not always indicative of health so just because you aren’t losing weight (and many of our members do not see changes in weight for a while) doesn’t mean your aren’t getting more fit and healthier.
That’s a YES for Olympic lifting. Coach Andy runs class Sunday mornings open to all members as part of their membership. He’s a USAW Sports Performance coach and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. As for CrossFit Kids, we are still on the lookout for an instructor. Sparta and I have seven kids between our families (eight if we count Buddha) and our extra time goes towards entertaining them. Summer cannot possibly squeeze in another class or put in more time at the box without us charging her rent so we are waiting until we find a coach. Know someone? Send them our way!
Well, you will save some money which you can use to buy CrossFit gear. But, CrossFit takes a little while to get used to. You have to form a habit of going which takes a few months. It’s something you need to commit to and work at before you see results and become comfortable with the movements.
Hopefully for a long time! CrossFit doesn’t have an “end goal” - the sky is the limit! We want our members to enjoy being healthy and active. That’s why we’ve built a community to connect and grow with. Besides, you will have so much fun we will have to kick you out in order to go home. :)
I knowwww. Try popping in some music or running with a friend and enjoying the conversation.
Start with typical workout clothes. No need for special shoes or gear. As you become more comfortable with the movements you may find that a pair of weightlifting shoes will help with your form or that running shoes will help keep your feet comfortable during a running workout.
That was a little hard to get used to. We keep track of time or reps in order to gauge our performance and push ourselves to do better. Members find that when they can see their time or their reps it gives them an idea of how well they are performing and how much more they could have pushed themselves. So next time they may row a little bit harder or lift a little bit more weight depending on how they felt after the workout.
It’s really not! The price gives you small group classes where you get more personalized training. Unlike a traditional gym where you wander around without a plan or support/encouragement, CrossFit gives you a plan with a warmup, a skill/strength component followed by an intense workout. The thinking is done for you and there is a coach watching your technique and offering suggestions and encouragement. The workout is done with other athletes so you can commiserate afterwards about how hard you worked. :) Besides, think of how much money you’ve spent at Planet Fitness without going.
Showers are expensive! We wanted to keep costs low for our members and found that most of our members went home to shower after working out. We may or may not add a shower or additional bathroom down the road depending on demand.
That’s the Workout Of the Day.
Rx is the “prescribed” weight and movements for the workout. It may be to deadlift at 185 pounds but perhaps you haven’t quite built to that level yet. You may “scale” the workout with the coach and decide to use a weight of 145 pounds for that day. Similarly if you can’t do the “prescribed” movement of pull-ups you may do the “scaled” version of ring-rows. All workouts can be scaled to any ability. Beginners are always welcome!!
We teach you everything you need to know! First timers to CrossFit will have four one-on-one training sessions with a coach where they go over the fundamental movements. This first month will cost a little extra to account for that one-on-one time since we need to hire a coach to train you but it’s worth it! We want you to be safe and efficient when you are doing the movements.
Classes are an hour long. The actual workout can be anywhere from 5 minutes to over 30 minutes long but we build in a warmup and a skill to go with the workout. You are welcome to tell your spouse that it’s a two hour class and hang out on the couch in the back to avoid doing chores - what happens at TakeBack stays at TakeBack.
There’s no easy answer to this one - everyone has a different body type and a different idea of what “bulky” is. I personally haven’t found that I’ve become “bulky”; I haven’t lost a great deal of weight but I’ve dropped 3 pant sizes and can see muscle definition in places I never thought would recover. There’s a great article that addresses this issue and may help put your mind at ease:
Ahh... that's just Sparta - he came to us with superhuman strength. With consistency and patience you will be able to build a body that is strong and that you will love and be comfortable in. “That guy” has tons of grit, just like you do. He had to start somewhere - take one step at a time and you will build something great.