CrossFit TakeBack Philosophy


Here at CrossFit TakeBack we recognize that we are stronger together: we push each other when we need motivation and we help each other when we need strength. We share each other's successes because we are a part of helping each other grow and succeed.


CrossFit TakeBack wants individuals to achieve overall fitness - not just lose weight or benchpress more than another athlete. Becoming fit means being the healthiest version of yourself: increasing your aerobic capacity, your strength and endurance, and nourishing/fueling your body in the most efficient way possible.


CrossFit TakeBack wants our athletes to believe in themselves and strive for goals that they once thought were unattainable. We want to help members of any age, fitness level or body type fall in love with their bodies and push themselves to achieve long term goals. Just as Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or you think you can't.. you're right.